Track all your Goals & Habits in one place.

Get organized and track anything you want to build the perfect routine. Stay motivated with charts and reminders to achieve your goals.

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Track anything you want…any way you want.

Strides is totally flexible. With four unique tracker types, you can track anything that matters to you, and it’s easy to customize to fit your needs.

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Good or Bad Habits. Swipe to Log Yes/No. Flexible Reminders.

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Goal Value by Date. Enter Any Number. Helpful Pace Line.

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By Any Time Period.
Or Rolling Average. Current or Overall.

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Simple Milestones.
% Complete Sliders. Pace & Dates for Each.

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Dashboard: All in One Place

Set up your goals & habits how you want, and view them all in one neatly organized Dashboard.

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Goal Setting: Step-by-Step

Set any SMART Goal with a simple 3-step process, or get started with a popular tracker template.

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Charts: Stay Motivated

Progress bars with a unique on-track pace system, streaks, success rates, calendars, line charts and lots more.

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Daily Goals: Focus

Filter your Dashboard with Tags, or focus on what needs logging now with the Daily Goals feature.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Strides has 1,000’s of 5-star reviews like these:

"Thank you for bringing such an amazing app to the world. I absolutely love it and have achieved important goals with it.”


"My absolute favorite productivity app ever...I track everything on here. Simple interface, easy to use, clean, and the developers are super responsive to suggestions." ~Tiff

"Amazing app! I've lost 80 lbs because of the accountability. I've also meditated 3 times per day, journaled, and exercised daily for the last year... all because of the daily check ins." ~KT

"Strides is honestly the most useful app on my phone and it keeps getting better with each update. Thanks!” ~Michael

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Strides is one of the most useful apps out there. Nowadays, I can't even imagine myself without it :)” ~Layla

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Build the perfect daily routine

The Daily Goals view automatically filters all of your trackers to the ones that need logging right now, based on their repeat settings.

Focus on the present

While the Dashboard shows how you’re doing on all of your goals & habits, Daily Goals makes it easy to focus on the next step to take.

Have a perfect day

Get all of your trackers in the Done section to earn a perfect day. If you forget to log, it’s easy to see past days and backlog.

Progress Reports

Each tracker has its own charts so you can appreciate the progress you’re making. Reports shows all your goals & habits in one place.

Get deeper insights

See how you're doing across all your goals & habits by week, month, year, or all-time, and your top-ranked trackers by streak.

Filter reports

Tag your trackers by area of life, routines, etc. to run reports across all your health goals, your morning routine habits, and more.

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Stay motivated and inspired

Behavior change is hard, so it's crucial to use proven behavioral science techniques to make it easy, and more fun.

Streaks & Success Rate

No matter what motivates you the most to keep making progress, you'll find all the stats you need to stay motivated to move forward.

Celebrate and learn

It’s crucial to appreciate how far you’ve come with your goals, so you’ll get congratulated for achieving goals and reaching streaks.