Totally flexible: Track anything.

See the progress you're making on all your goals & habits in one place.

Appreciate the destination AND the journey.

Always know if you're on track with beautiful graphs and clear data.

Tracking is simple and fast.

Flexible alerts and quick logging make it easy to stay on track.

Goals Dashboard

Big Picture

Track everything you care about, and see how you're doing on each goal, all from the Dashboard view.

Anything Goes

You can keep track of absolutely anything you want, and the Dashboard keeps it all organized for you.


Not only can you see how you're doing, you can even log your progress from the Dashboard view to save time.

Level Up

To make achieving goals more fun, and motivating, you can level up as you get points for your progress!

Target Tracker

Reach a New Level

The Target tracker makes it easy to track progress on a goal you want to achieve by a certain date.

Track Anything

Set goals like "Lose 10 pounds by June 15th" or "Save $2,000 by Nov 1st". No units required.


Setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & timely goals is a "smart" thing to do. :)

Clear View

Know if you're on track at a glance (green or red), and see all your data in one view to save time.

Habit Tracker

Habits Made Easy

This tracker type is best for helping you to break bad habits and form good habits.

Good & Bad Alike

Works for everything from getting up earlier, to quitting smoking, to working out 5 days/week.

Seinfeld Method

As Jerry said: "Don't break the chain!" Strides make it easy to stick to it until it's second nature.

Simple Yes or No

Super easy: Just tap "Yes" as you go, and stay motivated by seeing how far you've come!

Average Tracker

Continual Improvement

For everything ongoing, this tracker type lets you keep track of your average over time.

Work & Play

Track your budget, calories, hours of sleep, miles ran, or your average strokes on the golf course.

Gauge Your Success

A simple gauge shows you if your average is good enough, and how you often you meet your goal.

All the Way Back

The graph lets you see every entry, with the date logged, so you visually monitor your progress.

Milestones Tracker

Take Big Steps

The Milestones tracker type helps you stay on track with anything that has steps or phases.

Keep Tabs on Anything

Plan a party or wedding, manage that big project, or even set goals for the week, month or year.

Beyond the Calendar

Each milestone can have its own start and due dates, so they each have a pace line to shoot for.

Focus on Priorities

Choose how much each milestone is worth to the entire goal, and Strides will do the math for you.