1. Which type of tracker should I use?

We've spent years designing and developing Strides with one goal in mind: To make it easy to track anything and everything you care about.

In order to make this happen, we came up with 4 different types of trackers:

The Target tracker makes it easy to track a goal you want to achieve by a certain date.

Target is best for goals like “Lose 10 pounds by June 15th” or “Save $2,000 by Nov 1st”.

Know if you’re on track at a glance (green or red), and see all your data in one view to save time.

The Habit tracker type is best for helping you to break bad habits and form good habits.

Habit works for things like getting up earlier, quitting smoking or working out 5 days/week.

Like Jerry Seinfeld said: “Don’t break the chain!” Stick to it until it’s second nature.

The Average tracker type lets you keep track of your average over time.

Average is best for tracking things like your budget, calories, hours of sleep, or golf strokes.

The graphs let you see every entry, with the date logged, so you visually monitor your progress.

The Milestones tracker type helps you stay on track with anything that has steps or phases.

Milestones is best for projects with multiple phases like planing a party or wedding, or even set goals for the week, month or year.

Each milestone can have its own start and due dates, so they each have a pace line to shoot for. Choose how much each milestone is worth to the entire goal, and Strides will do the math for you.

2. How do I edit/delete a tracker?

Click the settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner of that tracker on the Dashboard. At the bottom of the tracker settings view, tap Delete Tracker and confirm.

3. How do I delete a log?

On the tracker's Log view, clear the row you don't want anymore with the delete key (for Habit, simply click the selected circle to de-select it). Once you click the check to submit, that log will be removed, and any other changes you made on the Log view will be submitted.

4. What do the green/red bars mean?

Throughout the entire app, green means you're on track, and red means you're behind pace.

5. What does “Pace” mean?

Pace is the value you should be at right now, based on the dates and values you set.

If you're on track (at pace or better), the bar will be green, but it will be red if you're behind.

6. Is my data safe/private?

Yes. We don't sell your data to other companies or advertisers. Your data is safe, and we have a transparent business model (monthly/annual subscription) so we don't have to clutter up the interface with annoying ads. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, plain and simple. Here are our Privacy & Terms pages.

7. Is it really free? How do you make money?

Yep! It's free forever to track your goals and habits on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Web. We don't distract with ads, sell data, or any other tricky stuff. Our business model is simple: If you're enjoying the free plan and would like even more value, you can upgrade to unlock some awesome premium features and support our small company so we can keep making Strides for you.

8. What do I get with the premium plan?

Strides Plus gets you: Unlimited goals & habits (removes the ten-tracker limit on the free plan), Tags & Filters to organize your trackers and focus on just the ones you want to see, Archiving, Data Export, Goal Notes, and and a bit of good karma for supporting development of a small company that loves helping you achieve your goals. :)

9. How do I submit a feature request?

We love getting features requests to help improve Strides! You can vote on new features or submit your own ideas here.

10. How do I contact you?

If you'd like to reach out to let us know about an issue, manage your subscription, or to leave a testimonial about what you've achieved with Strides, feel free to contact us through the form below and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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